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Important Notices

  • Performance/network updates are common during testnets but we want you to be aware that the Shardeum Liberty network will be reset for many of these updates and releases. We will try to preserve the network state, but there is a chance it does not work and we may need to do a full network relaunch. Of course, we will do our best to give notice before such resets.

  • In the case of a full relaunch, accounts will be reset in which case you can can choose to pull data from your DApps on Liberty. If there is a reset, you will need to use the faucet again, and redeploy smart contracts. We expect that there will be several full data resets throughout Shardeum Liberty. Thanks for understanding and we appreciate your support.

  • Before you interact with any smart contracts, protocols, dApps built on Shardeum, please note Shardeum Foundation is not linked to any of them and is therefor not liable for any such actions from your end.

  • Do not ever share your private keys or passwords/seed phrases with anyone.

  • Do not send funds to anyone in exchange for testnet SHM. Testnet SHM holds no real world value.

  • You can create a separate wallet account for receiving testnet SHM from Liberty faucet to interact with testnet DApps.