Lighthouse Perpetual storage

Lighthouse is a perpetual file storage protocol that allows the ability to pay once and store your files forever. Lighthouse stores your data on IPFS and ensures the minimum number of replications across various Filecoin miners, abstracting all complexities and long-term storage functionality. Developers can also store encrypted data on Lighthouse and build token gated applications.

How to use Lighthouse

Website -

Sign into Files Dapp with your wallet or your github account to start uploading files to Lighthouse


How to Save Encrypted Files

  1. Upload Encrypted files via Files Dapp
  2. Using CLI
  3. Use our Javascript SDK into react.js / node.js

Setup personalized Gateway for fast content retrieval

Dapps can use our dedicated IPFS gateway to retrieve files quickly and even stream 4k videos which are very data intensive

Lighthouse supports dedicated gateways from Files Dashboard giving you the low latency and fast file retrieval you need.

You can get a custom domain like for your project.

Further Resources

  • Refer to complete Documentation
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Join our Discord for dedicated support
  • Fill up this Form to apply for free storage and dedicated gateway

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